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Sami Raja Consultancy is one of the United Arab Emirate’s most sought after business consulting firms, headquartered in Dubai. The consultancy primarily focuses on helping startups and SME’s to set up and expand their businesses in the UAE and to other GCC countries.

Under the efficient leadership of our founder CEO Mr Sami Raja, we are dedicated to providing expert counsel for company formation, management and restructuring advisory, PRO services and VAT and accounting services. With our immense experience and wide network in the UAE market, we ensure that our clients are offered the most-up-to-date knowledge about various industries and business formulas, that work in the region.

Further, we have established strong working relationships with government organisations which is highly useful when counselling and aiding our global clientele in their business needs.

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At Sami Raja Consultancy, we believe in establishing an ongoing conversation with our client which goes beyond the everyday business. We want to build a trusted work relationship which will help both parties to identify and rectify possible setbacks before they occur. Our counsel will assist you in strategizing and executing business plans better than ever before and rise in the industry as a distinguished name.

We ensure that our team is at your disposal 24×7 and can deliver on our promises at all times. We will do everything in our capacity to help you run your business smoothly by easing your burdens and helping you overcome your business challenges. At Sami Raja Consultancy, we believe that your triumph is our reward. With our expert guidance, your business will be able to overcome all obstacles and retain 100% control over your company while compounding your profits.


Combined, we have been in the business of company formation for more than 20 years


Our company formation experts will provide you with company formation strategies that will your business


There is a lot of paperwork involved in setting up a business in the UAE and you will have to deal with multiple government agencies


Understanding tax management and compliance is an essential part of running a business in Dubai

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When your company is a new entrant into an already established market, there are quite a few obstacles that have to be overcome to establish yourselves in the market. This is true for anyone from a startup to a large corporate. We at Sami Raja Consultancy understand this struggle, which is why we are dedicated to helping our clients find a niche space in the UAE market.

Mr Sami Raja is a business whiz who understood the potential of the Middle Eastern market and established SRC with the sole purpose of helping our esteemed and modest clients run a successful business, primarily in the UAE and other GCC countries. With a team of business consultants, associates and analysts working tirelessly to deliver quality business counsel and support services, we help you identify and implement the best practices required to take your business to the next level.

When you need a helping hand while you take your baby steps into this new land of opportunities, Sami Raja Consultancy is your most trusted advisor and facilitator.

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